Anchor Greek Style Yoghurt Pots

/May 12, 2015

We're delighted to see our I.M IML pot designs selected for Fonterra Brands NZ launch of their Anchor Greek Style Yoghurt range.  These tasty little pots cover three proportion offerings, (180/450/950g), and I have to say Dow Design NZ have done a fantastic job with artistic watercolour effect branding across the range.  Internal stacking pot designs allow for uninterrupted branding up high on the packs, where there would typically be an unlabelled external stacking shoulder.  A scooping radius at the bottom of the pots makes sure that you can savour every last spoonful of this creamy, fruity masterpiece. 

Fonterra Brands (NZ) Ltd leads yoghurt and sour milk products in 2015 with 44% value share, the same as in 2014. The company’s position is due to its leading Fresh ‘n’ Fruity brand, which held 39% value share and was ranked first. Following on from the launch of the Anchor Uno brand in 2014, the company launched Anchor Greek Style Flavoured Yoghurt in 2015 in a number of fruit flavours including passionfruit, strawberry and pear. This product range is targeted at consumers who use Greek style yoghurt as a topping for breakfast cereal or in smoothies. The launch of this new range is intended to capture a consumer base not currently serviced with existing Greek style yoghurt offerings.

Euromonitor International