Farmdale Fresh Cream

/May 13, 2015

Our pack design for ALDI's Farmdale Fresh brand has hit Australian shelves.


A nice little I.M IML tub and lid format for the fresh sour cream, double cream and light thickened cream range. Single colour IML branding with colour coded lid mouldings provide some great shelf blocking for these dairy delights.  


Final packs like these are deceptively simple in appearance, as there are always a large number of considerations that qDesign weave through before arriving at a prroduction ready design.  These pieces of the puzzle generally include: 

  • Existing production line process & physical constraints  
  • Target brimful volumes and headspace
  • Stable stacking and nesting of parts for automated dispensing
  • Lid application and removal forces
  • Single and double pack stacking and associated tilt angles
  • Minimise part weights while retaining top load stability
  • Branding application and real-estate