Golden Circle Cordial makes a bold statement

/Apr 24, 2016

Inspired by nature 

With a lower, balanced form on the shelf, the new Golden Circle bottle form sets a mature presence in a high-energy category. Its geometric yet naturally weathered form has been treated with timeless fashion; a carved sculptural piece set against a sea of bubbles.

The crisp finishes on the chamfer edges frame the form, softening the angles and broad shoulders while drawing attention to the organically shaped label panel.

The handle has become one with the overall form. The larger section delivers a secure grip in hand and its lower position offers balance and ergonomic comfort for the user … from the first pour to the final drop.

3/4 view CAD Visualisations

Comfort in hand

Taking cues from the homewares category the Golden Circle cordial bottle handle has been redesigned with pour-ability and comfort in mind.

  • The handle position sits lower to balance the weight in hand on first pick-up and positions the liquid in a more balanced position while pouring compared to its competitors.
  • The angle of the handle position mimics that found in sturdy kettle designs, objects designed for balance and comfort in hand with a 2L load.
  • The wider grip removes the common pinch point found in many 2L blown bottle handles designed for manufacturing requirements, not consumer needs.  
  • The increased girth along the mid-section provide a "hand-rail" feel in hand allowing the user to apply direct pressure for a controlled pour. 
FDM 3D Printed Beta Prototype ergonomic testing

Ranging can be found in all major Coles and Woolworths stores nationally.