/shaking up the dairy case


Traditionally the Australian dairy drinks case is dominated by products in plastic bottle formats. Murray Goulburn wanted to challenge this status quo, disruptively innovate, and shake up the category by launching their new Devondale flavoured milkshake range in a stackable cup and lid format.



The solution is innovative, convenient, fun and accessible. The user-friendly elements and stackable container and lid format, lead the consumer on a unique journey. The unusual packaging format and design impact disrupt the traditional Australian bottled dairy drinks category. Quality moulding and IML graphics provide visual punch on the shelf and the move away from a bottle to a stackable tub improved freight by 13:1!

The consumer simply pushes the supplied straw through the specially designed lid to pierce the foil, eliminating the need to remove the lid or foil, and reducing the chance of spillage. Devondale’s Milk Shake dairy drinks range takes you back to cheeky childhood memories.

2016 - WorldStar® | Winner - Food Catagory

2016 - Good Design® Winner - Communication Design | Packaging