Nestlé Health Science place the user first

/Jan 14, 2016


qDesign and Cryovac were given the challenge to design and manufacture a bespoke lid for the new Thicken-Up ®  packaging. The goal was to provide a level of consumer convenience that for many of us is taken for granted but was previously unavailable to a small but significant consumer group, particularly those who suffer the condition of dysphagia

How can we improve patient care with our packaging? -

Simone White - Marketing Manager | Nestlé Health Sciences - Australia


A user-centric design with accessibility and a humanised experience central to its design. Key features improving patient care include:

  • A 20 degree tilted spout which improves the process of inserting into the mouth easier and removing the need to tilt the cup as far to empty the entire contents. 
  • The size and shape of the sipper aperture are also specifically tailored to suit viscous products, level 150/440/900 per the Dieticians Association of Australia guidelines. The profile of the Nestle sipper aperture allows for the dispensing in a controlled way for each of these 3 product viscosities.
  • The sipper lid incorporates ribbing on the outside face to improve the sensory feedback for Dysphagia patients. Profile assists correct placement of the spout in the mouth. 
  • The material chosen for this sipper lid was a soft and pliable low-density LDPE. This allows patient comfort in the mouth allowing safe chewing and eliminates the risk of any sharp areas in the mouth.
  • A pronounced ‘sunken’ section in the middle of the lid to accommodate the consumer’s nose when tilting the cup up at a high angle.
  • A specially designed inner carton was created with layer pads protecting the product from external pressures that can distort the LDPE lid and cause fit and functionality problems

A nice little video on this product here