/8-bar iced coffee ... for lovers of barista coffee


In a dairy case full of plastic bottles, Murray Goulburn sought to shake up the category by launching the new 8-bar iced coffee range in a refreshingly alternate format. Ready-to-drink barista inspired iced coffee demanded something new in its delivery to those seeking their cool caffeine hit.


The shift to a stackable cup and lid packaging format is not only disruptive on shelf, but also embodies the familiar visual and functional packaging qualities of takeaway barista-made coffee. The 8-Bar sipper lid cleverly adopts a ‘two-stage" lid designed to fit securely onto the cup once the consumer removes the foil seal. The lid fits tighter onto the tub once the foil seal has been removed minimising the risk of leakage. Rather than drinking from the neck of a plastic bottle, the 8-bar lid adds a touch of sophistication, providing a sipper spout for product consumption.


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